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The BigBang watches feature a black and gold dial with a hollow window on the right side that transforms the movement of the minute hand from a circular motion to a vertical motion, with the impact of the passage of time. The 24-hour dial is large enough for easy reading. Designer strictly control the thickness, height and length of hand of each layer and reserve proper space. Designer repeatedly adjust the space-interspersed design of the multi-layer dial and hands, so the hands are well coordinated.

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The watch from Agelocer has a panoramic effect featuring the phases of the moon, which enlarges the view of the moon's phases to the entire dial plate. It allows users to intuitively feel the changes of moon phases, bringing them a unique aesthetic experience. The infinitely adjustable strap doesn’t need to produce long straps to match short straps and doesn’t need to punch holes in the strap, greatly simplifying manufacturing processes and saving energy and materials.

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These earrings are asymmetric, which was inspired by the duality of Day and Night. One earring is depicted in white gold as Fairy of the Day, with diamond flowers and an emerald heart. The other earring, Fairy of the Night, is depicted in black gold, with a ruby heart and diamond stars. The design of the piece was combined with its technical side while maintaining it lightweight. First, a 3D model was created and grown by prototyping on a 3D printer. The cast was made in gold and polished. Then, 403 precious stones were fixed into the base product and the parts were connected.

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Nu is a water-filled watch. Designers filled the watch dial with water from some of the world's most polluted bodies of water, intending to attract people's attention to the problem. The design took inspiration from the morning dew; Like a water droplet on top of a leaf, the watch sits on top of the strap, and the body shape follows the droplet's contour. The pristine ocean was the inspiration for the blue colour.

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In the Front bracelets collection, as the name implies, to comprehend the design of the work, it has to be observed face–front. The general state of the work is in the form of a complete circle, and the lines that form the decoration of the bracelet intersect with the outer circle. Additional details have been refused to convey the overall concept of the design. The bracelet is symmetrical on the vertical axis and completely asymmetrical on the horizontal axis. Due to the use of details inside, its size is different from the usual standards.

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Biroi is a 3D printed jewelry series that is inspired by the legendary phoenix of the sky, who throws itself into the flames and reborn from its own ashes. Dynamic lines forming the structure and the Voronoi pattern spread on the surface symbolize the phoenix that revives from the burning flames and flies into the sky. Pattern changes size to flow over the surface giving a sense of dynamism to the structure. The design, which shows off a sculpture-like presence by itself, gives the wearer the courage to take a step forward by drawing out their uniqueness.

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